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idoljudges's Journal

American Idol Judges
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Some people watch American Idol for the talented (and not so talented) contestants.

Some people watch American Idol just to have something to talk about around the water cooler the next day.

Then there's us. The eccentric group who could care less about the contestants. We're all about the judges (and host)!

To our knowledge there's no lj community out there for info specifically about our favorite foursome: Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell, and Ryan Seacrest.

That's what this community is here for.

Recent pictures, recent gossip, recent events, recent quotes, discussions, we've got it all here.

So join if you feel the judges love!



The rules are simple.

1) Be nice. Don't join to bash any of the four, don't come in and tear others' opinions down. I want this to be a fun, friendly environment where we can all enjoy our fandom.

2) If you make a post that contains news, pictures, etc, PLEASE POST YOUR SOURCE whether it be a url link or another lj user, please let us know where you got your info.

3) If you decide to make a post about something that went on during a recent idol show, PLEASE USE A SPOILERS CUT! it's only fair for those who live in different time zones where the show hasn't yet aired.


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    CALLING ALL POTENTIAL MODS. Community moderating is not a one-person job. I need a few people who would be willing to keep an eye on the community, participate as often as possible, etc. I'm sort of looking for people who have dibs on a lot of the new pictures, news, etc when it rolls in, but that's not a requirement.

    Interested in being a mod?? E-mail me @ daisygirl_1315@yahoo.com and let me know you're interested and why you feel qualified.

    WOULD YOU LIKE TO CREATE THE GRAPHICS FOR THIS COMMUNITY? I'm looking for all the help I can get! If I get a lot of helpers, we may hold a contest and a vote, but even if not, as you can see by the header I'm not really the queen of graphics making and I know there's plenty of others much better at it than me!